What People are Saying About The Call Within

“I’ve been going to Meredith for Reiki sessions for several months. Because of a medical condition I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, which was getting worse. After just one Reiki session with Meredith, the neuropathy improved significantly. It is now hardly noticeable. I see her about every three weeks and find the healing sessions good not only for physical problems but also for relaxation and anti-stress. Meredith has a real healing gift and I am so glad I found her!”

– Martha E.

“I saw Meredith after my ACDF surgery. After the first session, I felt lighter, like I had gotten a message on the inside. I am looking forward to several more visits.”

– D.E.

“Meredith did my reading through the phone and she was simply amazing. She mentioned my deceased father whom I dreamed about just a couple of days ago. She also read about my home improvement plans, been thinking about it for weeks but never mentioned it to any body. Talking about “higher vibrations”! She was also spot on about my main worry and the character description of my entire family. She was also very accurate about her description of my traits and and clarified things about my love life and finances. How can one be so gifted? Her kind voice over the phone also made me feel comfortable. Been to a couple of other readings before and they turned out to be quacks. Meredith is for real and I’ve mentioned her to some friends already. God bless and thank you, Meredith. I will be doing the reiki and hypnotherapy sessions next.”

– Evelyn, Washington D.C.


“Meredith came to my house in order to cleanse it before I started working from home on my new business. I knew there was some bad energy leftover from old relationships, and I needed a fresh start.She arrived right on time, and I got to spend an hour to myself while she rid my house of all the bad energy. She took care to cleanse me before I went in – and seal the front door of all bad energy.Her efforts have enabled me to spend time in rooms that I never wanted to use before, and have helped me create a happy home and home office.She is tremendously intuitive and focused and kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again!”

– Sue, Alexandria, Virginia

“My friend and I went to see Meredith to get some insight on family matters and just life in general, nothing specific. She was able to accurately describe each member of my family to an amazing details. She’s very friendly and very positive. It was fun receiving an intuitive reading from her. She’s such a beautiful young lady and truly gifted. I highly recommend her.”

– Alma C. Springfield, Va

“I’ve seen Meredith for 2 different services, and she was very pleasant and friendly for both. I originally went to her for pre natal hypnosis, I was really scared and nervous about delivering my first child, I had 2 sessions for that and she sent me home with recordings of our session to continue to listen to so I could only become more and more at ease. While there were minor complications during my delivery, I remained absolutely calm rather than potentially hysterical, and I’m certain our sessions helped significantly! The second service I’ve had with Meredith was not too long ago, I saw her for an intuitive reading to get guidance on where my life/family’s life was heading, there was a long patch of difficulties and meeting with her was a wonderful source of reassurance and prevented me from taking drastic actions to alter the course of our family. There were several things she’d mentioned during my reading that have come true, and some of the things that came true, I had no way to influence them to become true. I wouldn’t hesitate to send friends her way!”

– Jamie C. Burke, Va

“Meredith McDonough made a believer out of me. I came to her for hypnosis because I was experiencing nearly a month of incessant muscle twitching in my eyelid and arm. My physician advised me that I was suffering from general stress, most likely due to work. (I do have a stressful job I guess but who doesn’t these days?) Anyhow – Dr’s advice was to “work out at the gym more often”, (gee thanks) and further advised that when it came to muscle twitching, there was no real medical diagnosis as to the cause, nor many treatment options available. To be fair, my own research confirmed what the Dr. said, so the treatment plan I got, was essentially “Be patient, it will go away on its own. Maybe.” I decided to try an alternative approach, and luckily found Meredith. After 3 sessions, I am no longer experiencing the muscle spasms, and I feel so much less stressed out. What she’s done is help me identify the root causes of the stress, and deal with it, head on. The results have been impressive. My family and friends have even commented on the positive change in the way I carry myself. The effects have spilled over in other positive ways, especially much more restful sleep.”

– David, Bethesda, MD

“I had a wonderful Quantum Energy Healing by Meredith McDonough over the phone. She intuitively pinpointed every current and ancient issue in my body, gave them light and energy, and left me feeling amazing. Highly accurate, gentle, and transformative. Recommended! She knew where a missing tooth was, adhesions in my right shoulder from surgery when I was 5, etc. Astonishing! She was clear, gentle, efficient and professional. Medicine of the future, move over. This is the way!”

– Linda, Ohio

“I am grateful for Meredith sharing her gifts.Our first hypnosis session–my first of its kind–was both illuminating and slightly frustrating. I had not yet been tapped into my own intuition, and some of the guidance seemed off topic. The phrase “big changes are in store” kept coming up again and again. Only through the gift of hindsight was I able to fully understand what I was being prepared for. In reality, I was holding on to old routines and roles that weren’t serving me, and I needed to be primed for some changes. Meredith’s session provided that priming.”

– Matthew Ratz

“Since meeting Meredith over 15 years ago, she has continuously shown professionalism and dedication to her work. Her ability to mentor and spiritually empathize with her clients make her exceptional within her field. After having received multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in my previous work, she remotely designed and created a therapy regimen that has drastically improved my overall mental health and quality of sleep. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone who’s seeking to better their mental health or expand their spirituality”

– Timothy Benoit Local Guide

“Meredith is kind, bubbly, and very knowledgeable. We had an issue with some energy in our house and I had no idea where to start. I reached out to Meredith, who was able to determine the energy type and how best to clear it from our house. She was prompt and very communicative (even with my 1,000 questions!). I could not imagine working with anyone else! Thank you!”

– A M


“Meredith is an awesome person and awesome at what she does. She has helped me during some rough times — from when I just needed a little guidance or clarity or when I was battling some majorly anxiety-provoking situations. She also gave me some tips that got me some extra time to spend with my dad before he passed this year”

– Jessica Gibson

“I have only great things to say about working with Meredith. I had never done anything like this before and the first meeting I felt like we clicked right away. She worked on healing areas that I forgot to bring up, I felt rejuvenated after each session, and she provided great advice that made a huge difference.”-

– Meredith Ellinger

““I’ve known Meredith for many years . She is a gifted healer , intuitive and Reiki Master. Several of my family members and friends have worked with Meredith as well and all have praised her abilities. She is kind , patient and has a heart of gold. I highly recommend her in whatever area of your life you are seeking clarity. You will not be disappointed”

– bridget mclaughlin

“Meredith is fantastic! I’ve recently had a heart attack and contacted Meredith for Reiki Healing. She validated everything I was going through emotionally and physically and is helping to heal me energetically when I can’t do it myself. She was also spot on regarding the direction I want to go on in my career after I have healed from this traumatic experience. I highly recommend her both in Reiki and her intuitive guidance. She’s the real deal!”

– Dana Swett