Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions assist in relieving feelings of stress, exhaustion, burnout, and emotional and spiritual pain and stagnation (that feeling of “stuck”). Working with intuitive information and guidance, Meredith conducts energy work where you need it most, clears each and every chakra energy center, and provides post-session homework and actions steps for you to continue the progress you’ve made.

During sessions, clients feel rested and relaxed, and often experience emotional releases from emotional or physical aches and pains. Following the session (hours, days, and weeks), you’ll feel restored, re-energized, and think more clearly.

Session Types

Monthly Energy Session

Tuning into the collective energy of the community with intuitive guidance, monthly energy healing sessions help to alleviate stress, dissipate aches and pains, make clear decisions, sleep better, and tune back in with the self. These sessions are highly recommended for those with chronic or ongoing stressors of any kind!  Join the email list to be notified of the next monthly energy session.

Workshops are hosted via Zoom and at the start of the month for 45-55 minutes. Since energy is outside of space and time, a replay of the monthly session is sent to registered participants to listen throughout the month.

Remote Healing Session

The remote healing package is best for those who need intuitive guidance and an energy “boost,” it’s like a reading and energy healing session in one session! Perfect for clients that are limited on time or have difficulty connecting via time zone differences and schedules.

Working intuitively with your energetic hologram, Meredith sends energy healing while you rest to help alleviate stress, dissipate aches and pains, make clear decisions, sleep better, and tune back in with the self – leaving you feeling restored and re-energized.

The intuitive email reading provides clarity and insights regarding a situation or topic. Clients may also submit one to two specific questions regarding career (e.g., promotion inquiry, job check-in, company fit), relationship, marriage, child or in-laws. Schedule a remote healing package.

High Vibrational Energetic Clearing For You and Your Space

This timeless recording can be used to energetically clear your home, office, or vehicle to promote lightness, peace, joy, and prosperity. For best results, stay present with this recording while it plays. This recording can be used as often as needed. Get the free recording. 


Do not listen to this recording while driving.