Guidance and healing for your
mind, body, and soul

Work with Meredith

Intuitive Guidance and Clarity

Intuitive Readings provide clarity, insights, and guidance surrounding love, relationships, career, work, and other life dilemmas and “crossroads” like situations.

Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions assist in relieving feelings of stress, exhaustion, burnout, and emotional and spiritual pain and stagnation (that feeling of “stuck”).

Transformational Coaching and Courses

Through a variety of modalities (e.g., Biofield Tuning, Quantum Touch, hypnosis) we help you get unstuck and feel more empowered on your healing journey.

Meet Meredith McDonough, Founder and CEO

Meredith McDonough, Founder and CEO of The Call Within, has more than 11 years of experience as a certified hypnotherapist and reiki trainer. She is accredited with the World Metaphysical Association, the Council of Holistic Healers, and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Client Testimonials

Intuitive Guidance and Clarity
I recently had an excellent session with Meredith! I received clarity on my questions, many insights, and some wonderful suggestions to look into for further guidance along my path.  Meredith is open, honest, and forthright – and I love that!!  I plan to work with her more in the future!

– Vicky P.

Energy Healing
I saw Meredith after my ACDF surgery. After the first session, I felt lighter, like I had gotten a message on the inside. I am looking forward to several more visits.

– D.E.

Quantum Touch Level 1
This was the best decision I have made. Great, knowledgeable instructor who was patient and taught me so much. If you are on the fence about QT, don’t be! This class will change your life. Make sure you take it with the best!

– Omar G