Intuitive Clarity Coaching Sessions

Life doesn’t always  go according to plan: sudden job changes, changes in work or personal relationships, health challenges, or just feeling like our “lives are falling apart.” Meredith has coached clients with multiple challenges happening at the same time.


As a Certified Spiritual Coach, Meredith has merged her intuitive abilities and coaching experience to support her clients in cutting through the chaos and turmoil of life, and regain a sense of internal direction and clarity. 



At The Call Within, Spiritual Coaching isn’t about telling people “what to do” or even “how to do”

Even better, spiritual coaching merges perfectly with other modalities such as energy healing and biofield tuning to further support you!

Introductory Coaching Call


Perfect for those who don’t really know what they need yet are needing clarity and don’t necessarily need an intuitive reading. In this 2 hour session,  let’s create shifts to clear the fog and get you into action. (Coaching calls are not an opportunity for free readings, although intuitive hits often come through!)

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1:1 Coaching Package Sessions

After an initial introductory coaching call and after determining if we’re a good fit, Meredith will have a customized coaching package option tailored to your unique healing journey. Coaching package sessions can include other services to support you such as: energy healing or sound healing. Although not required, typically its strongly recommended clients begin with a package of four consistent coaching sessions.

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Take The Pledge (PDF)

Perhaps you’re still considering the idea of purchasing your first coaching session and need more time deciding whether spiritual coaching,  or if Meredith is right for you, not to worry I have a special gift, The Pledge To Own Your Victim, let’s get the ball rolling out of chaos and into clear action!

This divinely channeled pledge to own your victim was downloaded by Meredith by her Spirit Guides in 2021. Since then life has changed dramatically for the better! Get the Pledge To Own Your Victim Today! Download now.