Frequently Asked Questions

The Call Within

Do you offer hypnosis

Hypnosis is typically reserved for the 1:1 coaching containers and programs. If you’re interested in learning more  email Meredith or schedule an Introductory Deep Dive Coaching Session.

I’ve gone through a recent traumatic experience, is The Call Within right for me?

For those who’ve recently experienced trauma, it’s strongly encouraged you seek professional psychological care prior to scheduling a session or seeking any of our services. The Call Within does not diagnose, evaluate, or claim to treat trauma in any way.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings will not actively work though energy (unlike Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Biofield Tuning), and do not include sound healing or hypnosis services.

What is an intuitive reading?

Intuitive readings provide clarity, insights, and guidance surrounding love, relationships, career, work, and other life dilemmas and “crossroads” like situations. Based on the vibration of someone’s name and energy, intuitive readings are clear and direct, we don’t beat around the bush much here!

What should I expect from an intuitive reading?

Insights to help you feel validated in your circumstances and reassured through discomfort – no, you’re likely not “crazy” for thinking and feeling what you are thinking and feeling! Post- reading, action steps and “homework”  are provided to help you to empower your healing and future!

How should I prepare for an intuitive reading?

Come to your session with an open mind, body, and spirit. If you’re excited your guides are excited! If you’re closed off, your higher guidance is sad and confused as to why you’re there. You can choose to be as active (come with questions) or as passive (let your energy guide you) as you would like. At the end of the session, you’ll receive directives and actionable steps on how to move forward. 


For 60-minute readings, we recommend coming with your top two (2) or three (3) questions, for 45-minute readings come with one (1) or two (2) questions.

Ready for your intuitive reading? Schedule a session today. Once scheduled, you’ll be provided with additional details on how to prepare, what to expect, and how to move forward.

How do email readings work?

Reserved for returning clients (and those in different time zones or with busy schedules), email readings are quick “check ins” regarding a situation or topic that’s already been tuned into. Submit one or two specific questions regarding career (e.g., promotion inquiry, job check-in, company fit), relationship, marriage, child or in-laws. 


Questions such as “Who am I going to marry?” and “What is the meaning of life?” are not appropriate for email readings and perhaps require deeper inner work and shifts; but, we welcome you to ask them in a 45 or 60 minute reading!

Please allow a 24-48 hour turn-around time for email readings. Request an email reading.

Energy Healings

Energy healing is not meant to evaluate, diagnose, or treat you on a physical or psychological level.

How many energy healing sessions will I need?

Every person is different. The longer an issue or challenge has been present, the longer it may take to heal. People experience shifts in a variety of ways after an energy healing session, but most report feeling more calm and centered. At The Call Within, we offer several options to receive energy healing in a monthly group or in packages, which include coaching, hypnosis, and biofield tuning. Visit our Energy Healing page to learn more.

Can energy sessions be done remotely?

Yes. We don’t have to be breathing the same air in order for energy to “work.”

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a sound healing modality founded by Eileen Day McCusick. At The Call Within, Biofield Tuning reveals patterns of thought and emotion that link our past and present/current life together, often the same ones keeping us in a “loop” of frustration, anger, and sadness.    

Working with the different tuning forks and Biofield Tuning techniques, it assists in neutralizing the “charge” of past emotions in the biofield, allowing them to finally “breathe” and become “neutralized.” At The Call Within, we believe when the charges in our biofield shifts, life shifts around to offer us more possibilities of healing, manifestation, and self awareness (as we believe is true of any of the modalities offered at The Call Within). Learn more about biofield tuning and schedule your first session.

How many sessions are recommended for Biofield Tuning?

For first time clients, or those new to Biofield Tuning, three (3) consistent sessions with no more than 14 days between each session are recommended for optimal results. After the first three sessions, clients can continue working in a series of three (3) or opt for maintenance-based sessions.

How long is the first Biofield Tuning session?

Conducted via phone, Zoom, or in-person, the first Biofield Tuning session can range from 60-90 minutes (Zoom preferred). This gives us plenty of time to work together without rush. Those who are very sensitive to energy or already in energy work (e.g., Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga), may process the energy of the forks into their field more quickly, so the first session runs shorter (60-75 minutes). If the session runs shorter, the remaining time can be used to answer any questions or concerns.

What kind of challenges can Biofield Tuning help with?

Biofield Tuning can assist with a wide range of issues from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. However, people often seek out Biofield Tuning when they’re seeing limited progress and perhaps feeling “stuck”  in some area of their life such as career progress, life purpose, injury recovery, or interpersonal relationships. 


After Biofield Tuning sessions, most people report feeling calmer, lighter, and/or having greater clarity and wisdom on events that once caused distress or disharmony.

Is Biofield Tuning Right For Everyone?

Yes and No. Please read the Cautions and Guidance here to determine if Biofield Tuning is an appropriate modality for you. 

Is Biofield Tuning safe for animals?

Yes, it is safe for animals and they tend to love the forks. The Call Within doesn’t provide animal sessions at this time, although we can refer. Send us an email.

Quantum Touch and Reiki

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing modalities such as Reiki and Quantum Touch tune into  the individual’s life force energy and provide amplified energy to assist in an individual’s self-healing process.

What’s the difference between Reiki and Quantum Touch?

Great question! Check out my blog post that discusses the similarities and differences of Reiki and Quantum Touch.

How are Energy Healing Sessions conducted?

Energy healing sessions are conducted remotely via  zoom. We do not have to be in the same room breathing the same air for energy healing to be effective. Should timezone differences prove problematic for scheduling,   energy can be sent remotely with a session summary via email. 

What is the difference between Quantum Touch, Reiki, and Biofield Tuning?

While QT and Reiki are based on “hands on” healing modalities, Biofield Tuning tunes into the Biofield and uses tuning forks to tap in and rebalance and recalibrate an individuals field with sound

Intuitive Coaching

What are Benefits of Having an Intuitive Coaching vs. A Regular Coach?

Great question! Check out this Guest Blog entry on the subject.

What Is the difference between Intuitive Coaching and Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive Coaching provides the opportunity for clients to come to their own answers that are larger soul-searching questions- What is my life purpose? What am I here to do this lifetime? Addressing repetitive patterns or sticking points that have not been resolved by an intuitive reading. 

 An Intuitive Reading allows clients to gain clarity on more specific questions such as: career, relationships, healing, and health,  which can be insightful for specific information. 

 No one is better than the other, simply whatever service resonates for clients at the time.

Is Coaching Like Therapy?

Deep coaching questions can lead us to recall events from the past which can often elicit deep emotional reactions. Although intuitive coaching does and can  help give clues of where deeper healing of the past may need attention, intuitive coaching is not a professional substitute for licensed therapeutic care and/or psychological assessment, diagnosis, or treatment.

Can Coaching Be Combined With Other Services Offered?

Yes, intuitive coaching pairs well Energy Healing, Hypnosis, And Biofield Tuning. Additional modalities would also be at an additional charge. 

Customized Coaching Packages can be crafted for clients depending where they are on their healing journey.