The call within

Guidance & Healing for Your Body, Mind & Soul


How does energy healing work?

Energy healing, similar to hypnosis, doesn’t have a concrete answer.
In energy healing modalities such Reiki, Quantum Touch, or any laying of hands modality it is assumed that all living life is composed
of Chi or Ki or Prana (life force energy).

When that chi/ki/prana becomes stagnant, blocked, low, or affected by internal and/or externals stressors (which vary from person to
person) that the person becomes uncomfortable in the: physical, emotional mental, and spiritual realm.

The role of the practitioner is to amplify, clear, and nurture that chi/ki/prana of the client back to an optimal state for that person to
simply feel better.
How that manifests within each person, is unique to each and every single person on this planet.

Additionally, most people confuse energy work with massage because both can involve touch.

So think of it this way, in order to have a massage, one must be touched in order to experience benefits, think of it like the ethernet
cord of the early days of the internet. Without that cord there was no connection, similar to massage … you aren’t receiving a massage
unless you’re being touched.

In contrast, think of energy healing like the WIFI of massage.

WIFI doesn’t require an ethernet cord in order to work. The WIFI particles do whatever they do and ta-da. One now has access to the
Similarly, energy healing doesn’t require force, push, or pressure, or any touch at all for that matter, in order for it to be received and felt
and that is what makes it so unique compared to a regular hands-on massage.

How does intuitive reading work?

Being sensitive to energy and being clairaudient, my process begins in connecting with you based on the vibration of your name.
Think of your name as your social security card to the Universe.
After connecting in with the vibration of your name. I tune into the energies going on in and around you.
Really, no one knows It “Works” every psychic-intuitive simply has their own process that works for them.

How does healing hypnosis work?

There isn’t a simple answer to this.
Although I wish there were.
There are many theories of how hypnosis works, but no one actually knows what occurs in the mind during a hypnosis session.
Sure, studies have been done monitoring brain activity. Yet, the brain is a physical entity of the body, the mind is non-tangible.

So, to date, there’s no concrete answer to this question.

What those in the hypnosis field know, is that most definitions of Hypnosis talk about what hypnosis appears like from the outside.
In a gist, hypnotists don’t know which neurons or transmitters shoot off when, how, or where and how the connection with this chemical
triggers this response.
What hypnotists do know is the subconscious mind is extremely susceptible in most cases to hypnotic suggestion.

Is energy work safe?

Put simply. Yes.

Who benefits from energy healing?

Anyone can benefit, even those who don’t “believe” in it.

What healing energy methods do you offer?

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Quantum Touch, all intuitively guided.

How does energy impact me from a distance work?

The benefits are received and can be felt, even from a distance. Clients have worked with me from as far as California and Hawaii and
experienced major benefits.

Where does all the negative energy go?

Old energetic residues of energetic cords that sometimes reside in the energy field or energy centers are typically cleared during
Often times they drop to the floor and simply disappear.
I like to think that any energetic residue or any energy no longer serving a client’s highest healing good is simply transmuted to
something better.

How do you re-energize yourself as a Healer & Guide?

I care for and nurture clients. As an empath and intuitive, there is an equal balance of self-care that is essential in serving others.

Each morning I wake up and take time for Stillness and Silence to Connect with my own body, feelings, and emotions, and of course,
connecting with my own guides.
And of course, leaning on the support of other healers to collaborate with as we support each other supporting others such as Virtual
Energy Share and trades.

How do I prepare for each session?

My guides will often give messages regarding a client, or clues of where a client’s current energetic state is, generally through feelings
in my own body, sometimes even days in advance of the session.
I trust that the energy begins “running” on clients even before we meet.
I begin preparing for sessions typically the night before, in a quiet space, seeking rest and self-energy healing.

What can I expect in a session?

Every session is unique for each client.
Often clients begin to feel relaxed and calm during and after their sessions.
Some clients may feel “detox” like effects emotionally, mentally, and
sometimes physically.
Not every client does this, nor is every session, but it is possible.
The detox effect is simply energy “clearing” to make room for the new energy that has been introduced in the session.
One can anticipate feeling better after sessions.