Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning Sound Healing sessions assist in relieving feelings of stress, and exhaustion. Sessions with Meredith relieve the burden of burnout and stagnation (that feeling of stuck).

As a highly skilled and certified practitioner, trained in the Biofield Tuning method, Meredith tunes the areas of your field that require the most attention.  Oftentimes the areas of tuning correspond to the current events playing out in a client’s life.

During sessions, clients feel rested and relaxed, and often experience emotional releases from emotional or physical aches and pains. Following the session (hours, days, and weeks), you’ll feel restored, re-energized, and think more clearly.

 Biofield Tuning Session Types

One on One Biofield Tuning Sessions

For full benefit, it’s recommended clients commit to three sessions of Biofield Tuning to start. 

Because these Biofield Tuning sessions can be deeply profound and impactful it’s suggested each session be done no more than 7-10 days apart as each session builds upon the next. 

Individual sessions can be done thereafter once the three sessions are completed. 

All Biofield Tuning Sessions are done live remotely via zoom, unless otherwise discussed with Meredith.

Live! 30 Minute Biofield Sample Session

Live! Biofield Tuning Individual Session 

The Full Experience Complete Sound Healing Package 

Can’t Make It Live? On a Different Time Zone. The Full Experience Sound Healing Package 


My Gift To You: "Permission to Pause" Biofield Tuning Session

This 30 Minute  Biofield Tuning is for my “Do-ers, workaholics, and those constantly in motion”. This sample recording was lovingly made just for you!  Intended to promote reflection, breath, and intentionality in our big or little everyday decision-making processes. Can be used to ground and relieve stress. For best results, stay present with this recording while it plays. Engage with this recording on an as needed basis. This recording is timeless and intended to find you at the right place and right time.

Listen to “Permission to Pause”

 Do not listen to this recording while driving.