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Intuitive Guidance And Clarity

Benefits Of Intuitive Guidance And Clarity Session

  • Gain clarity around troubling and confusing people or life situations, or repetitive patterns and themes in you life.
  • Ease angst and anxiety around life transitions or uncomfortable life changes.
  • Be reassured or validated, that NO, it’s likely not your imagination!
  • Messages always delivered in a gently direct yet practical manner.
  • Actionable steps and “homework” post-session toward a path of peace and healing.

Problem Solving Reading

A problem solving reading can assist in gaining clarity and guidance to problem solving small or large issues regarding job, career path, relationship, family issues and these can interrelate with other aspects of our lives as well.


Email Reading

Due to (very) HIGH Demand is available For Return Clients Only. An e-mail reading is a great budget friendly option for those who have little time for phone or virtual and just need a quick check in regarding a situation that has already been tuned into!


Empowered Decision Reading

You’re stuck between to stay or go in a relationship, or deciding between two job offers, or torn between which house to buy. I will never make a decision for you, but give you the clarity and insight so one make the decision that is best for them! Reading addresses only this particular decision, no other life scenarios. If more questions “arise” it’s kindly requested to schedule a longer session instead.


Relationship Clarity Reading

Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or just met a few weeks ago, a Relationship Reading will provide clarity, guidance, and reassurance in times when a relationship may be hitting rough waters. Relationship Readings can also address family issues as well.


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