Who am I?

by | Apr 12, 2021


My name is Meredith McDonough.

And I’ve been a professional reader also known as psychic-intuitive since 2011. Although my soul’s mission began the day I was born.

And I’m here today to shed a bit of clarity on the real purpose of psychic-intuitive and this also includes mediums.

There are many misconceptions about what I do, who I am and am I legitimate.

I’ve been at this long enough where I can tell you. The short answer is yes.

#1 The main purpose of these gifts and abilities:

To help ourselves AND others heal.

Healing can occur in many different ways in a reading:

For some, it may be receiving a message from a deceased loved one, perhaps allowing that client to finally begin their grieving process or allowing that grief to evolve to a different stage with more ease.

Other times it may be simply validating what you already knew deep down, without knowing anything about you, and of course you making your own choices from there.

Reading can also have you consider options or ideas about challenges in your life that you may have never considered before!

This brings me to my next point:

A legitimate intuitive is never making major or minor life decisions for you.

If anything they’ll simply present more information from Spirit to assist you in making a big life change, but never do they tell you “No, you cant do that.”  Because a professional and properly trained intuitive understands and respects the power of Free Will.  In addition, a professional intuitive will always be clear about their pricing and what to expect from your session.

At times, the people who hurt people the most in this field, are those just looking to make money  As a result, leading to a poor view of our profession.  So if you ever have a psychic-intuitive telling you that you have to pay more money to remove a generational curse or dark spirit for an extra $900, or some other crap- run the other way!

They simply want your money and are preying upon people’s emotional vulnerability.

Also, psychic-intuitive people do not know everything. We are also human. And understand that information given to you in a reading can change between today, tomorrow, and yesterday. So really nothing is ever set in stone.

To conclude the real purpose of our work is to help ourselves and others heal. And because Healing can appear differently from person to person, no one reading is ever like at The Call Within.

As always I’m here to support you throughout your healing journey.

Sessions are available via zoom, phone, and google meetings.

 www.thecallwithin.com or click that Schedule Button.

Best, Meredith