About Meredith

If you’re burdened by a dark secret, self-doubt, or relentless
stressors …

…which leave you second-guessing & wondering what your next steps
are & how you’ll manage within the chaos, heartache, illness, or pain.

I empathize with what is weighing you down.

And if you’re at a loss for words & you don’t know where to turn because
nothing you’ve tried has helped.

Together we’ll change that.

Hypnosis “Meredith made a believer out of me. From incessant
muscle twitching in my eyelid & arm (no medical reason) to 3
sessions, no more muscle
spasms & a much more restful sleep”.
– David, Bethesda, MD

Reality: Here you’ll gain clarity, healing energy & peace.

Together we’ll transform chaos, confusion & your frustration
into a new level of self-awareness.

And in the end, I’ll have applied energy healing to restore
balance to your body, mind & spirit.

Confession: I was once stepping up the corporate ladder.
I had big dreams of working in the White House.

But the draw to Energy Transformation & Healing was
stronger … I had a gift.

As a young child, I connected to the spirit world & felt
healing energies & now, my journey has brought us
together. I am grateful.


I’m Meredith McDonough

A Guide, Healer & Wise Woman.

I’ve created a safe space for you to breathe in the wonders of life.

To gain new insight, establish a higher level of awareness & well-being.

Long before your worries, aches & pains … I was playing with healing energy & incorporating the techniques and tools into my own life.

I was a mysterious gal, marching to my own drum.
At times I was misunderstood, but
I paid them no mind. I embraced the power of healing & nature at its best.
I wondered until I listened to my own call within.

I was lost until I was found

I embraced, followed & listened to the CALL from within.

As Guide, Healer & Wise Woman.

And it’s no secret, I offer Guidance & Healing from within.

The Call Within is a woman and minority-owned small-business
established in 2011. The Call Within is where the unseen and
transformational processes of healing occur.

As a result, many of my clients have not only made changes in their life,
they’ve experienced significant transformations. As a result, they lead
much more authentically aligned lives.

This healing journey and process belongs to YOU.

It’s a no-BS, energy healing approach: a down-to-earth, intuitive process
that brings about happiness, health, fulfillment, and peace.

Can you live a life with anything less?”