About Meredith

If you’re burdened by a dark secret, self-doubt, or relentless
stressors …

…which leave you second-guessing & wondering what your next steps
are & how you’ll manage within the chaos, heartache, illness, or pain.

I empathize with what is weighing you down.

And if you’re at a loss for words & you don’t know where to turn because
nothing you’ve tried has helped, or has only taken you so far.

And deep down you sense there’s more inner healing available to you. 


Together we can embark on healing journey. 

Hypnosis “Meredith made a believer out of me. From incessant
muscle twitching in my eyelid & arm (no medical reason) to 3
sessions, no more muscle
spasms & a much more restful sleep”.
– David, Bethesda, MD

Reality: Here you’ll gain clarity, comfort, & peace. 

And perhaps even acknowledge and embrace those parts of yourself that have been ignored or forgotten, perhaps even suppressed.  

Together we’ll transform chaos, confusion & your frustration into a new level of self-awareness  

And in the end, you will shift with new understandings, renewed peace, and self-acceptance.   

Together, we will explore and rediscover so many aspects of YOU  


With the unique and versatile healing modalities that balance the  body, mind & spirit  

Confession: Like you, I often times had a “Plan” of what my life was going to look like.   

 However, let’s get real, life doesn’t always go as planned!    

 After a lifetime of clues & nigglings, and “coincidences” and many (many) “failed” plans & what seemed like an endless patterns and cycles of frustration, confusion, and sadness  

I was always directed back to the path of healing as a Healing guide and Teacher. 

HEY There!

I’m Meredith McDonough

Psychic Healer, Energy Worker, Reiki Master-Teacher, Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor, Master Hypnotherapist, Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising, Gemini Moon, North Node in Pisces, HD-Manifestor, Cat Mom, DC Native

Recently trasplanted to California!

Most Importantly,

I’ve created a safe space for you to breathe in the wonders of life.

To gain new insight, establish a higher level of awareness & well-being.

From Day 1, have marched the beat of my own drum.  At times I’ve been misunderstood, but I live my life true to my inner calling embracing the power of healing & nature at its best.

I embraced, followed & listened to the CALL from Within.

And, now,  guide others to follow their healing path as individuals and healing guides of the future. 

And it’s no secret, I offer Guidance & Healing from within.   

The Call Within is a woman and minority-owned small-business
established in 2011. 

The Call Within is where the unseen and
transformational processes of healing occur.  

Sometimes I don’t even know what the outcome will be! 

And recall, 

this healing journey and process belongs to YOU  

It’s a no-BS, energy healing approach: a down-to-earth, intuitive process
that brings about happiness, health, fulfillment, and peace.

Can you live a life with anything less?