About Meredith

HEY There!

I’m Meredith McDonough

Psychic Healer, Energy Worker, Reiki Master-Teacher, Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor, Master Hypnotherapist, Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising, Gemini Moon, North Node in Pisces, HD-Manifestor, Cat Mom, DC Native

Recently trasplanted to California!

Most Importantly,

I’ve created a safe space for you to breathe in the wonders of life.

To gain new insight, establish a higher level of awareness & well-being.

From Day 1, have marched the beat of my own drum.  At times I’ve been misunderstood, but I live my life true to my inner calling embracing the power of healing & nature at its best.

I embraced, followed & listened to the CALL from Within.

And, now,  guide others to follow their healing path as individuals and healing guides of the future.