5 Signs You Could Use Energy Healing

by | Feb 20, 2023

Sign # 1 Burnout 


You are burned out! 

Let’s be real though, most people don’t choose burnout. Instead life circumstances dictate they carry extra mental and emotional loads due to any number of stressors. Often times my “burned out” clients aren’t receiving adequate support in one, or multiple areas of life. As a result, clients have to “hustle” themselves sometimes in two or three different jobs, or stay in a toxic job or relationship environment out of necessity not by choice.  

When working with a client who is on the verge of burnout, their emotional and mental energy field feels like it hover very close to the body. While clients who are not burned out tend to feel energized after an energy session, clients experiencing burnout or near the edge of it, tend to require much more rest and sleep to integrate the energy sent in a session. In addition, it’s recommended clients experiencing burnout receive multiple energy healing sessions closer together to get them back to an energetic equilibrium. 

If you’re are facing burnout I highly recommend pairing energy healing with another supporting modality such as acupuncture*


Sign #2 – Struggle to Start and Finish 

You may have difficulty focusing, starting, and/or finishing projects and tasks. Or perhaps you get distracted by “all the others things that call to you”. A lack of concentration can be due to valid reasons. And  the good news is with energy healing can help with focus, concentration, and taking tasks to the finish line! In addition, energy healing can also assist us in  manifesting people who can aid us in our goal to get projects and endeavors completed! 

Usually what I’ll do in a session is send energy directly to the brain and subconscious mind for the brain and mind to clear cg out any cobwebs of limited beliefs or distractions, after I’ll “boost” the brain and mind with energy for action and enthusiasm of said project or tasks! 

At the end,  healing energy  is sent to the  feet and the root chakra so the individual can be grounded fully in the present, literally and figuratively! 


Sign #3 Ruminate the Past

Sometimes I have clients who struggle to “let go” ( I definitely include myself in this) whether it be from people, places, or things.  As a result, they may ruminate about the past, beating themselves up over what they could’ve done differently. This may lead them to perhaps reject new opportunities or fearful to begin new chapters with new people, places, or things, for fear what could go wrong. This can look like analysis paralysis, hot and cold behavior, or simply feeling “stuck” in life, like nothing is progressing. 

The good news is healing energy can assist in helping clients process emotions in a safe and nurturing environment, clear energetic cords from the past, thus allowing for more energetic momentum to propel clients to have the courage to take steps out of the past and into their present. 


Sign #4 Feeling Blah 

Energy healing sessions can be of great benefit if you’re feeling apathetic or overwhelmed by life. Energy healing can assist in helping us view things from a different perspective than perhaps we’d be initially open to. Other times I simply hold the space for the energy to be cultivated and the energy guides the client to what they need. 

Many clients with depression and other mental health challenges find that energy healing to be of great assistance.  It should be said though that energy healing doesn’t diagnose, treat, or cure any mental health challenge, we do find energy healing to be an effective complement to professional mental health care. 


Sign #5 You Feel Called 

You feel called. 

You can’t really explain why you’re drawn to try energy healing, perhaps even learn it! Perhaps you keep running into people or signs to try it or take a class! At times, the energy finds us before we seek it. 

Do you sound like you could use an energy healing session? 


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Meredith McDonough is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in three lineages of Reiki & Certified Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor. She has been supporting communities and clients with energy healing since 2011 and currently supports clients remotely from her home in California.