Let’s Begin To Heal

Transforming frustration and confusion into
Calm and Clarity.


What Makes
The Call Within

Together, we co-create space to go deep, each
session building on the next and continuously
cultivating that unique healing space where you
have “lightbulb” and “aha” moments and as a result
move toward self-healing.

Here are some of our

Intuitive Guidance & Clarity

Benefits Of Intuitive Guidance And Clarity Session. Gain clarity around troubling and confusing people or life situations, or repetitive patterns and themes in you life.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a gentle laying of hands technique where the practitioner tunes into the bodies natural energy center, upon tuning in clearing away any suspected blockages, residues …

Healing Hypnosis

Soul Healing Hypnosis is hypnosis for those seeking to heal any beliefs, values, or past experiences that no longer serve their highest good. Often these beliefs and vale play


Additionally, The Call Within is a woman and minority-owned small-business established in 2011. The Call Within is where the unseen and transformational processes of healing occur.

As a result, many of my clients have not only made changes in their life they’ve made waves! As a result, they lead much more authentically aligned lives to who they really are.

Honestly, no one can care more than you do. Why? Because this healing journey and process belongs to you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a day where you’d.

Quantum-Touch Virtual Level 1 Workshops

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Offered: Virtually vis Zoom

Cost: Quantum-Touch Virtual Level 1 Workshops offers everyone an important building block to learning the entire Quantum-Touch system. Whether you simply want to learn how to heal yourself and care for your friends and family, or if you work as a health care professional wishing to expand your skills, Virtual Level 1 Workshops will teach you a wealth of Quantum-Touch techniques.


Energy Boost

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Offered: Virtually vis Zoom

Cost: $70, per person, per class, price does not include sales tax. This is a great option for those who want to try it out!
A taster workshop that can be learned from the comfort of your own home. One will learn how to run energy to their heart, lungs, thymus, areas of aches and pains, and emotional hurts, and learn how to run energy with others.


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